Off Broadway Development

Ripping off the overshare bandaid... I’ve done a lot of plays / musicals / camera work in ma lyfe. And I’ve loved it all. But none of them have required my full & total self quite like this: living it, processing it, then learning to respectfully, honestly, & artfully offer it back in my form. So here we go w the Off-Broadway development production of a story that will grip me for the rest of my life. I owe myself a very long essay on what it means to raise a new incarnation of a show as Producer / Writer / Actor while simultaneously raising an infant-turned-toddler. Bottom line: I needed to know how strong I was to do this. & immune myself further to someone always being displeased or judging or offering opinions on how you are raising your babies — don’t matter, y’all. Raise It. Be relentless in what you know is right. Work. Cry. And be gracious with yourself. — I owe 3,598 people a major, enormous thank you. Half of you who follow me are those people. (Wait, I only have 17 followers...) Bottom line, join the continuing journey here: